About Us

Monarch Electronics, is the leading Organization in the field of Testing & Measuring Instruments. Established at Kolkata in the year 1975. Delhi office established in the year 1983.

High Voltage/High Current Testing Equipments:-

  • 'Olympus' High Voltage Testing Equipments
  • 'Olympus' Primary/ Secondary Current Injection Test Set
  • 'Olympus' Transformer Oil Test Set
  • 'Olympus' Transformer Turn Ratio Test Set

Energy Management Instruments:-

  • 'Conzerv'(Formerly 'ENERCON') Digital Panel Meters (Ampere/Volts)
  • 'Conzerv'(Formerly 'ENERCON') Digital and Energy Meters
  • 'Conzerv'(Formerly 'ENERCON') Maximum Demand Indicators/Controllers
  • 'Conzerv'(Formerly 'ENERCON') Power Analyzers and Load Managers
  • 'Conzerv'(Formerly 'ENERCON') Power factor Improvement Capacitors and Relay

Testing Measuring Instruments:-

  • 'CIE' Insulation Resistance Testers (Mergers)
  • 'CIE' Earth Testers
  • 'CIE' Clamp on Meters (Tong Testers)
  • 'CIE' Electric Motor Checkers
  • KUSAM-MECO Digital Clamp Meters
  • Kusam-MECO Digital Multimeters

Other Products:-

  • Earthing Rods
  • Hydraulic Compressors
  • Come Along clamps, Pulleys